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Tribute Folders
About Us

When my father died, we wanted a memorial folder that would say more than just born, died & buried.  We wanted a folder that would celebrate his life, not merely document his death.  The funeral director could only offer us basic, generic folders, so unwilling to settle for less, we designed our own.  The folder we created contained his life story and a collage of photos of my dad at various stages in his life:  his service in WWII, his wedding to my mom, flipping pancakes at a charity breakfast, playing with the grandkids...  photos that told the story of who my dad was.  It was a highly personalized and very meaningful tribute to a life lived.

That was more than fifteen years ago, and since then has grown to become the leader in personalized memorial products.  Our company exists to empower funeral directors with the ability to offer families the highest-quality, custom-designed, personalized products that make services more creative, unique and meaningful.

Our goal is to help you celebrate lives and preserve memories.  And because we know you have more important things to spend your time on than memorial folders, we make the whole process fast, easy and accurate.

Fast - In many areas, orders placed today can be received tomorrow morning!

Easy - Simply fax or email us your order along with the photos.  Then approve the color proof you’ll receive by email.  That’s it.  Your order is printed and sent out for next day delivery.

Accurate - Because you see every order before it’s printed, your folders are guaranteed to be accurate to the proof that you approve.

For over one and a half decades, we’ve worked hard to establish our reputation for creating folders as special as the lives being remembered and this commitment to personalization has been recognized by funeral directors and national magazines.  We offer a level of quality, personalization and service that simply can’t be matched by design software programs or other printers.  We invite you to join our family of providers in offering your families the most meaningful folders available.  Because no one should have to settle for a generic folder.