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Tribute Folders
Tribute Folders FAQ

What makes different from other printers?
Unlike other printers who do corporate brochures, fliers and, well, anything, we only do memorial products for the funeral industry.  Because we’ve been active participants in the industry for over twenty-five years, we know the ins and outs and special needs that are involved.  When working with funeral directors, we consider ourselves a member of your team, your on-staff, off-location memorial designer.

How easy is it to place an order?
As easy as 1,2,3.  
1. √ Email the photograph/s and either fax your order form or complete the online order form.  
2. √ Proof the order that we email to you and contact us with corrections, changes and/or approval to print.  
3. √ Receive your order as early as 9:00 a.m. the following day.  It’s that easy!

How fast can you turn around an order?
Any order that is received in completion before noon Pacific Coast Time, can be delivered in many areas by 9:00 a.m. the next business day.  If you place your order on Friday, you can receive your order before 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. We use FedEx for deliveries outside the Pacific states. You can look up your delivery options online by zip code.

Can I still get my folders the next day if I miss the noon deadline?
We are often able to process orders on shorter notice, but you should call to make sure that your rush order can be accommodated.

How can I track my order?
When we receive your order, we will send you an email confirmation, telling you by when you can expect to see your proof.  You will receive your full color proof by email.  After we receive your approval to print, we will email you with the estimated time of arrival. You may also receive an additional email when your order is delivered, documenting the time of delivery and who signed for it.

What is the best way to send pictures to      
The safest and fastest way to send photos is through the internet.  Simply scan them as a jpg or tif image at 150 dpi or higher, and attach them to an email.

I don’t have a scanner.  Can I simply mail you the photos?      
Email is much faster and safer than sending original photos. Most print and copy centers offer scanning services and can scan your photos and email them for you.

Is it OK to send you a color copy of the photo instead of the original photo?
Scanning color copies results in a lower quality image and sometimes creates a moire pattern that may not be removable.  Scanning original photos always results in a higher quality image.  That being said, you’re safer sending color copies through the post or courier because the originals don’t leave the family’s possession.  If you are scanning and sending the image through email, however, always request that the family brings you original photos instead of copies.

Can you remove people from photos?      
Yes.  We can remove people, alter or remove backgrounds, change colors, and do minor photo restoration, all at no additional charge.  And all photos will be automatically color corrected to look their very best.

Can we use our own photo as the cover design?
Absolutely.  Instead of using one of our background designs, you are welcome to use your own photo.  It simply counts as one of the scans.  So if you’re submitting a background and photo, it counts as 2 photos.  We are legally prevented from using copyrighted images or photos and artwork for which you do not have legal reproduction rights.

How do you put multiple photos on a prayer card?
All of our prayer cards fold, just like our standard and pocket folders.  This allows for maximum personalization with four sides on which you can place photos, verses, order of service etc.  You can put the same things on a prayer card as you can on a standard size folder... they’re just smaller.

If I have an emergency, can I reach you after hours?
Through our automated phone system, you can reach a associate even outside of normal business hours.  Tell the operator to “locate” someone and your call will be transferred to an available associate.  If no one is immediately available, your voice message will be sent to an associate who will return your call.

Can we request additional copies of a folder at a later time?
Yes.  We keep all folders and photos in our digital databank indefinitely.  You can order reprints even years after the service date.

I am a funeral director.  How can I offer my families TributeFolders?
Simply contact us and we will set you up with the materials you need to offer your families the highest quality, most personalized memorial products available.